Tragic Deadly San Diego Motorcycle Crash Displays Speeding Risks

Motorcycle accidents are often tragic and heartbreaking.

In the many years I’ve served as a motorcycle accident lawyer in Costa Mesa, I’ve seen my share of serious crashes — and I know how much damage and pain they cause.

The latest motorcycle crash to have had severe consequences to those involved happened in San Diego, California.

According to the authorities, a 26-year-old man lost his life after his motorcycle veered off while he attempted to negotiate a curve. As a result, the vehicle crashed into a tree in the San Pasqual area.

The man involved in this one-vehicle accident was an active-duty Camp Pendleton Marine.

The rider may have lost control of his vehicle due to the speed in which he was driving, officials reported. Due to this problem, the motorcycle was not able to negotiate the curve.

No other vehicles were involved, and according to the local authorities who responded to the scene, the rider was declared dead at the scene.

We’re terribly saddened to have learned about this tragic crash and hope the victim’s loved ones are receiving the support they need in this time of grief. Still, we hope other motorcycle riders are learning something from this accident, as speed may be a cause of accidents not only for motorcyclists but also for passenger car and truck drivers.

Even for those who consider themselves veterans, the idea that speeding can be accomplished without risk is nonsense.

We hope this story and others of serious and even deadly accidents serve as a reminder to drivers that they are better off following road rules — and that includes respecting the speed limits. Other measures you may take to always stay safe is to drive or ride defensively and be mindful of road conditions. After all, rainy weather may lead to slippery roads, which makes speeding even more dangerous.

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