Trump predicts a 'terrific relationship' with North Korea

President Trump as well as also North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met as well as also shook hands, kicking off their history-creating summit Tuesday morning local time.

They are the first leaders of their respective countries to meet, the culmination of months of diplomatic wrangling as well as also negotiations.

the item will be a stunning development for the two nations, who regularly traded threats as well as also insults throughout 2017.

The two men will currently meet one-on-one meeting within the Capella Hotel, accompanied only by their translators, ahead of expanded talks at 10 a.m. local time (10 p.m. ET).

On the agenda will be North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, which Trump will be hoping to convince them to abandon in exchange for economic assistance.

Watch the historic moment:

Trump predicts a 'terrific relationship' with North Korea

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